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The Little Sisters of the Good Shepherd

The night of 8 September 2008, on the Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and the second anniversary of the foundation of the Institute of the Good Shepherd, the Superior General, Rev. Filip Lagu??rie, celebrated Holy Mass that originated a new congregation of the Little Sisters of the Good Shepherd, which, just like IBP, is dedicated to the Traditional Roman Rite comprised by four liturgical books of 1962.

The ceremony was held in France near Courtalain, St Vincent de Paul Seminary. The first female postulants are to enter one-year postulate and two-year novitiate. But as early as during the formation, sisters have the opportunity to transform into small apostles drawing on the power of the Cross.

The Little Sisters of the Good Shepherd will be apostolic in truth and depth, in heart and spirit - in the likeness and image of the Good Shepherd - and not only by name (Statutes). They will dedicate majority of their time to the apostolic mission: teaching the catechism, editing a bulletin for adults and children, visiting families, helping the sick and elderly and carrying out any other Heaven-sent apostolate.

Since we cannot give anything we do not possess ourselves, we cannot help others being weak ourselves. That is why the Little Sisters of the Good Shepherd spent a lot of time in prayer, contemplation and spiritual reading. Apostolic spirit intrinsic to the Little Sisters comes from life, acts and love of our Lord Jesus Christ and founts of mercy and sympathy for souls of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Therefore the sisters will live by the Holy Mass, which will inflame them with the fire of God's love (Statutes).

Every morning they will unite in Holy Mass celebrated in a beautiful 16th-century chapel. This is also where they finish their daily labours. One hour Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament fills them with peace and strength for the next day, to live by love of their Bridegroom, and pass it on to any soul they come across. Every day, three Mysteries of the Holy Rosary and meditation on each mystery of life of Our Lord Jesus Christ at the side of the Immaculate guide them in their apostolate. Radiating with joy is an inherent element of their apostolic vocation. Their statutes include the words of St Vincent de Paul: may their faces and words always see Christian sweetness and mildness

Despite modest conditions, they are radiant with joy.

The postulate house is situated on a beautiful spot, marvelous scenery; meadows, trees and splendid blue skies. Friendly doggies of estate owners who host the sisters are there for them, and so are the hens the sisters were given by some local good family. Their lives are filled with silence, peace, joy and sacrifice.

Sister Maksymiliana

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